What the Digital Future Holds for Africa

Africa’s Digital Future

For many years, the lack of basic infrastructure in Africa prevented the continent from joining the modern era of digital technologies and Internet services. But in 2018, this is no longer the case; Africa has joined the technological revolution.

As the world prepares for the fourth industrial revolution (4IR), Africa is in a unique position as a continent with all the available technology, without the years of experience to prepare for the digital disruption of the economy.

So, what does the future hold for African countries?

As it stands, the majority of people living in Africa own and use smartphones as well as other digital devices to access the web. Thanks to these devices, accessing social media, email, online casino games, e-commerce stores and the web, in general, is now easy. The number of web-based businesses has flourished, as has the number of regular businesses with Internet visibility and e-commerce. Even some casino South Africa establishments have thrived, thanks to the marketing opportunities available online, and the new opportunities the web have brought about.
South Africa, a country that has had some form of the basic Internet since the early 90’s is clearly at the point where the digital economy is seemingly indistinguishable from the regular economy.

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution

In the context of the fourth industrial revolution, Africa’s position is both promising and highly sensitive. As is the case with the rest of the world, there are whole sectors of industry that will have to adapt or die with the emergence of the digital revolution.

The sports betting and online casino industry is a good case in point. Fewer people are utilizing betting shops or land-based casino South Africa venues in favor of their digital counterparts. After all, if a product is made more accessible on a digital platform, it stands to reason people will go for the easier and more convenient option. That’s why; at African Betting Guide we bring you the very best online casino and sport betting sites so that you can take advantage of the digital revolution in your own way.

As the technology and infrastructure improve, Internet-based services will become increasingly popular. Already we are seeing a massive shift in shopping patterns. People skip the trip to the mall instead of turning to their phones for a bit of retail therapy with better bargains, less stress, and delivery to your doorstep. Mobile technology is also responsible for a massive industry growth on the continent. Software development, application, hardware and social integration are creating its own economic subculture.

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In other sectors like agriculture, production and those that require bulk human resources will move to more automated systems and result in huge job losses. The digitalization of the African continent is a foregone conclusion. As such the disruption of the economy is something that needs to be addressed now rather than later. We may be blindly heading down a digital path of user-friendliness, but this all comes with consequences. Entire systems of governance, management and production are being affected.

Change and Growth For all Africa

The sudden and drastic emergence of digital technology in Africa has left us in a bit of a transitory state. If we are to emerge from the new industrial revolution an economic powerhouse, our focus should be on implementing governmental, personal and industry changes now. As has been highlighted in other parts of the world, governmental economies need to focus on the implementation of projects that will benefit the digital marketplace. Education and learning should be focused more on software integration, mobile development, cybersecurity and digital skills.

Big data, analytics, and AI may seem like futuristic concepts, but they are already shaping the way we live our lives and do our jobs. The companies and governments that utilize tech-based start-ups, small businesses and digital education will be leading the continent towards a new future. The entire tertiary education system and workforce will undergo a transformation to production more skills-based employees.

As with all revolutions, the opportunity for growth is abundant and must be nurtured, and Africa is in the perfect position to do just that.

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