New GR8 Tech Company Officially Launches

Tech-focused company GR8 Tech reigns as an iGaming industry leader. The corporation has been around since 1994, offering gambling-focused organisations tech solutions. The Parimatch Platform is the most recognisable GR8 Tech brand. The Platform provides GR8 Tech clients with a foundation for their own business technology.

As of January 2023, Parimatch has officially been absorbed into its parent company. This doesn’t mean that Parimatch has ceased to exist, and the brand remains accessible to clients. The new GR8 Tech now also includes the Parimatch team. According to a company spokesperson, the new corporate conglomerate is a bigger, more versatile version of its old self.

A Long-Awaited Transformation

Maksym Liashko acted as CEO of Parimatch. With his old company now falling under the GR8 Tech umbrella, Liashko has moved on to other projects. He explained that he put a great deal of effort and time into the merger. Much of his 2022 involved preparing for the new corporate conglomerate to become a reality. Liashko elaborated that the new GR8 Tech is a force to be reckoned with. He pointed out that 30 years of industry experience is now housed under a single corporate umbrella.

Evgen Belousov is the current CEO of GR8 Tech and is now also the CEO of Parimatch. He made a statement of his own, explaining that he has big plans. Belousov stressed that the new GR8 Tech is a more adaptable organisation than it has ever been. He continued that although there are many tech companies in iGaming, none of the competitors are as committed as GR8 Tech. He concluded that GR8 Tech is moving forward into the future, looking to provide cutting edge services for new clients.

Parimatch Platform Capabilities

Belousov has been vocal about what the new GR8 Tech can achieve. According to him, his company is now more stable and resilient than ever and can adjust to fit the needs of any client. He went so far as to say that Gr8 Tech is now the ultimate iGaming industry one-stop-shop for the African market and beyond.

Belousov may be keen on getting new customers, but he isn’t lying about the Parimatch Platform. The Platform is able to handle an extraordinary number of parallel online customers. Even during peak betting times the software never buckles. According to Belousov, millions of bets can get placed without ever stressing the system.

Regardless of whether Parimatch is a separate entity or not, it’s still cutting edge. The new GR8 Tech certainly has a bright future in the African and global markets.

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