Study Reveals Extent That Media Impacts Kenyan Betting Behaviour

Kenyan bettors and the media have an interesting relationship. A recent study by the Media Council of Kenya (MKC) has shed some light on it. The study found that nearly half of Kenyans are influenced by advertising regarding their betting behaviour. The Rift Valley had the highest percentage of those affected, with 67% of respondents reporting that advertising had impacted their behaviour. Meanwhile, Nyanza and Western regions had the lowest, with 51% and 56%, respectively.

The MKC report was conducted in December 2022. Interestingly, it also found that 62% of respondents had not encountered any betting advertisements in the week of the survey, with TV being the most common platform for those who had seen them. Social media was the least common, with only 13% of respondents encountering betting ads on those platforms.

2023 Betting Trends

There are several trends shaping the global betting industry:

  • Bettors are demanding different wagering options. Along with betting on traditional sports like Baseball, Basketball, Football, Rugby, and MMA, Kenyans also want access to novelty bets. These include chess, entertainment, politics, weather, and competitive markets.
  • Bookmakers will strive to deliver the most competitive odds. They do this to compete for bettors’ loyalty and attention.
  • The continued popularity of live betting options allows Kenyans to place wagers on matches as the games unfold before them.
  • Increased digitalisation allows bettors to wager using their phones via sportsbook apps. This process also makes depositing and withdrawing money from anywhere safe.
  • The market growth of sports betting is predicted to grow by nearly Ksh 20 000 billion over 2020 – 2024. It will also boast a compound annual growth rate of 11%.

Other Findings

The MKC research also identified that 59% of respondents felt that the media has every right to be involved in betting advertising. In comparison, the remaining 41% did not. Various surveys have found that media, particularly social media and satellite TV, has made access to betting options for fans far easier. 

Amateur and serious bettors can now closely follow teams and players, making it possible to place more educated wagers. The study revealed that advertising on social media platforms is a popular option for the biggest sportsbooks in Kenya. This is where they can publicise auto cashouts, build-a-bet features, cashback deals, daily price boosts, free wagers, and gain market insights.

Kenyans, on average, have been taking advantage of extra betting services via their chosen social media platforms. This is undoubtedly also partly due to influencers’ taking on ambassadorial roles for different betting sites on their networks. Bookmakers can thus take advantage of influencers’ followings to promote their services to new people.

Television and radio advertisement deals are also important, with many of the biggest sportsbooks paying well for their slots.

Betting Sites’ Media Revenue

It’s clear that the betting industry is big business in Kenya, with bookmakers accounting for 22% of the Ksh95 billion earned by media corporations in 2018. Key players like Lotto, Shabiki, Sportpesa, and Supa 5 controlled advertising spending. The industry is set to continue growing due to the expansion of the country’s youthful population and near-universal internet use.

Overall, it’s clear that the media has a significant impact on Kenyan betting behaviour, which is only set to continue. Whether you’re a casual bettor or a serious one, it’s essential to stay informed about the latest trends and developments in the industry.

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