Crypto Africa
Africa 16-01-2020

New African Crypto Gaming Platform Set To Launch

Canadian blockchain development company ZeU has partnered with Kamari Coin, a digital currency focused on Africa, to build a blockchain-powered online gaming and lottery platform that caters to the African market. With global online lottery revenue estimated to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 8% between 2017 and 2023, and to generate […]

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betting strategy
News 31-12-2019

Finding a Betting Strategy which Works

When gambling, a win is never going to be 100% guaranteed, but there are many strategies out there which people suggest with the intention of making it more likely. They vary depending on what you are betting on; card games, luck games, sports etc. And not every strategy is a good choice to follow. The […]

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nigeria flag
Africa 27-12-2019

New Tax Laws for Nigerian Sports Betting

Sports betting has never been more popular than it is right now, across much of the African continent. This includes Nigeria, where around 60 million bettors between the ages of 18 and 40 regularly engage in the activity. Now the government is starting to see the value of regular gambling taxation. Recent Betting Industry Growth […]

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ghana flag
Africa 20-12-2019

Ghana’s New “Sports Betting King”

On the 11th and 12th of December the biggest trend on Ghana Twitter was a young banker named Oswald. While many other Ghanaian sports bettors also had a successful Wednesday evening and posted the news on Twitter, none of them did quite as well as the young man who calls himself “Limitless Oswald” and goes […]

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Lottery Kenya
Kenya 17-12-2019

Kenyan State Lotto to Replace Private Bookmakers

Like many African states, Kenya’s recent gambling industry history is both ever changing and unpredictable. The sector has huge potential for generating important tax revenue and providing vital stimulation to the economy, but it is also plagued by issues concerning problem and underage gambling, as well as customer protection. Until recently, Kenya appeared to be […]

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sbwa conference
News 15-12-2019

2020 Sports Betting West Africa+ Set To Impress

Sports Betting West Africa+ 2020 is set to take place in Lagos, Nigeria in July next year. It’s an event that allows professionals in the gaming and betting industry to network with one another and preview cutting-edge innovations. Best practices are shared, and executives can get up to speed with advancements in the industry on […]

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Africa 09-12-2019

Kenya’s Private Betting Sector Faces Shutdown

In the latest news of Kenya’s tumultuous gambling industry, the private betting sector faces possible shutdown. This, along with several other recommendations about various issues, is what has been suggested by a recent report on possible changes to the country’s constitution. Kenya’s Gambling Overhaul Like many African countries, Kenya is currently dealing with a burgeoning […]

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Lottery Kenya
Africa 29-11-2019

Tanzania Introduces Gaming Act Amendments

New Gambling Regulation Amendments in Tanzania Tanzania’s gambling regulations have been amended, allowing the Gaming Board to approve advertisements for different gambling products. The government passed the revision to Section 51 of the Gaming Act in late October 2019, following the advertising ban on all electronic media that was applied in January. The amendments, which […]

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zambia flag
Africa 27-11-2019

Sports Betting in Zambia Hits New High

Zambian Sports Betting at All-Time High All forms of gambling in Zambia are more popular and widespread than they have ever been, but sportsbooks are growing particularly fast. The country’s traditional economic mainstays are mining and tourism but, as with so many other African nations right now, the online sports betting business is booming. Land-based […]

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Africa 24-11-2019

Technology Aiding Responsible Gambling

Tech Advances Promote Responsible Gambling Problem gambling is an issue around the world, including in African countries. Technology continues to develop at a rapid rate, and is responsible for the explosion of gambling activities, and thus for at least part of the worldwide problem with irresponsible gambling behaviours. Now however, it seems tech could also […]

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