The world of betting can be confusing, especially the terms that are used due to the wording difference depending on what region you are from. The team behind African Betting Guide have broken down the regions and taken a closer look at different terms.

The most common word in South Africa and Africa, in general, is web odds, odds are the word for the decimal that shows the value of the successful outcome of a match or event. ‘Line’ or ‘Lines’ is another word for odds that is mainly used in North America. The UK equivalent of the word web odds is ‘Price’ which can be a bit confusing given the nature of the game.


It might be difficult to say whether the odds that have been provided by the betting site is fair or not, if you are completely clued up on the match you can at least have an idea. The best thing to do is to compare odds, almost all betting sites that offer web odds to customers in South Africa are different. If you prefer to only use a few betting sites you can manually check the different sites to see what web odds they offer on a specific match.

The betting sites that you find on African Betting Guide have great web odds so you can rest assure when you select your betting site. Should you want to use a tool or service that automatically shows you the best odds for a match or event you can use something like Oddschecker, this tool will automatically display all the betting sites and the odds that they offer for a specific match or event. This way you can easily choose the one that suits you best.


Don’t always trust your instinct or knowledge when placing your bets. Do some analysis and research to make sure you have good chances at placing sure wins. Read through the betting guides that you find here on African Betting Guide to find a good strategy and start making some good money. Even if you only want to use your Betway login and not play anywhere else you can do so, Betway still offers competitive web odds on the majority of offers.

Just make sure you do your research on the event, who’s not playing, past results, any news and so forth, this will help you immensely in making sure you get your sure win.


This is something that is becoming more frequent in South Africa as the local betting sites are becoming more modern with more great features. Live betting on web odds is basically following a match or event as it’s playing and placing bets during the game.

On most sites, you will have some sort of live statistics screen that shows you how it’s going. An even better way to do this is to live bet on web odds while you’re watching the game on TV for example. If you can see that one team will definitely lose, you better quickly place your money on the web odds of the winners.

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