It’s not often something revolutionary happens in the betting industry – that’s why we’re excited to announce Betway’s latest feature: Data free betting

Betway branched out to African countries in recent years to provide a local, bespoke and authentic African betting platform. They grew in popularity all the way from South Africa to Nigeria. It’s not for nothing that Betway has managed to become so popular in this developing continent.

As a global brand, Betway leads the way and is paving the future in online betting. Long gone are the days where South Africans, and punters from other African countries alike, had to settle for a mediocre betting site.

The latest addition to the Betway South Africa brand is a massive game changer in how South Africans bet online. We’re getting a taste of what the future holds for sports betting in South Africa.

Betway Data Free Betting

Starting now, South Africans can bet at Betway completely free of charge! No more wasting hard earned money on data just to be able to bet. No more heading to the WiFi hotspots to get a weak signal in order to bet.

From now on you can bet without data at Betway Data Free website. How will this change the way you bet? Well, to start with you won’t need WiFi, you won’t even need to purchase a data voucher. All you need to do is visit the Betway Data Free betting site, log in, place your bets and start winning!

So how does it work? Here’s how you get started:

  1. Click here or on the button below to access Betway Data Free site
  2. Register an account and receive R25 completely free
  3. Make your first deposit and start betting on local and international sports

The data free service is available for pre-match bets, live betting, betting on all sports and eSports.

Register today, save money, place great bets and win cash at Betway South Africa!

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