New African Crypto Gaming Platform Set To Launch

Canadian blockchain development company ZeU has partnered with Kamari Coin, a digital currency focused on Africa, to build a blockchain-powered online gaming and lottery platform that caters to the African market.

With global online lottery revenue estimated to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 8% between 2017 and 2023, and to generate profits of over USD 10 million by 2023, companies’ interest in joining this lucrative sector is unsurprising.

The exponential growth of the African mobile revolution makes the continent especially attractive to online investors in gambling as well as other fields. In the words of ZeU Chief Executive Officer Frank Dumas, Africa is “the next big online gambling market” – and his company is making sure they profit from it.

First Pan-African Gaming Platform

The innovative Kamari cryptocurrency focuses on mobile technology, since for many people across Africa smartphones are much more affordable than desktops or laptops. The company’s vision is to unite over a billion users in various African countries, providing borderless game, lottery and payment experiences.

The infrastructure and licensing that is already in place will be integrated with a single standardised currency (Kamari Coin) to make playing and betting smooth and seamless. Gaming and lottery applications will be integrated with the Kamari eWallet and will run within the platform’s ecosystem.

Responsibility for the project’s technical construction will fall on ZeU, incorporating their blockchain peer-to-peer microfinancing product Mula. Users of MulaMarketplace will be able to exchange Kamari Coin tokens with each other, and to access the entire Kamari system.

Unparalleled Opportunities

Working with blockchain gambling solutions is not new for ZeU; the company established a joint online lottery venture with James House plc. some time ago. St James House is a diversified company that delivers top-quality lottery and eCommerce products.

Their blue-chip clients include leading charities and other brands with household names. However, the new deal with Kamari appears to be especially promising.

Chief Executive Officer Dumas commented that ZeU believed the partnership would open up “unparalleled opportunities” for Mula users. Kamari Coin can be utilized within MulaMicrofinance to send or lend money, which puts the concept of democratising cryptocurrency (a core value of ZeU) into action. Access to the Kamari ecosystem would also allow entry into an exciting pan-African online gambling world, Dumas added.

Potential eSports Expansion

Under the leadership of seasoned Chief Technology Officer Jean-Phillipe Beaudet, the ZeU team is well equipped to face the challenges of developing blockchain solutions for online African lotteries and games. The company plans to extend operations further, and take advantage of the burgeoning eSports market.

The exponential growth of eSports, or competitive video gaming, has seen a huge climb in sponsorship deals, ticket sales, streaming viewers and, importantly for ZeU, betting on the outcome of events.

As Beaudet explains, by positioning themselves on the cusp of eSports betting, ZeU will be able to take maximum advantage of its popularity. With the smooth functionality of Mula and Kamari Coin, wagering on eSports tournaments should be as easy as watching the gaming action online.

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