The 2021 fiscal year is now drawing to a close. It has been a tough year for many, but not for BOLABET Zambia. The betting firm is celebrating one of its best years ever. Though, the company isn’t forgetting its social responsibilities. It is reported that four charity organizations are sharing in the mega-corporations success.

K49,500 has been donated to local charities in Lusaka. This includes the Lusaka South Development Initiative. The YASA Queens Academy also got a share, as well as PlayForward Zambia, and Chibolya Media Farm. In particular, the YASA Queens Academy received K18,000. Chibolya walked away with K10,500, and Lusaka South K9,500. PlayForward accepted K11,500.

The event was also celebrated with the help of local footballers. Penalties were shot at different-sized holes, each worth a certain amount of money.

A Continued Investment

General Manager at BOLABET Zambia, Justin Palmer, shared some thoughts. He first assured that the company will continue to invest in sports. He also pointed out that it has been a good year for the company. Though, he also revealed that his interest isn’t just in football. So it seems as if other sports are going to be receiving some investment of their own.

Palmer went on to talk about the event itself. He explained that the penalty shootout show was fun, but not the heart of the matter. It was all about giving back to the community, he explained, stressing that K50,000 has been given to charities.

Palmer also talked about something potentially massive. He suggested that BOLABET Zambia may be partnering with the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ.) If this partnership occurs, a new tournament may be introduced. But Palmer concluded that it is still an early day and that many hurdles still have to be dealt with. Either way, betting in Zambia is expected to grow.

A Huge Helping Hand

Elizabeth Mtonga, manager at YASA Queens Academy, also shared some thoughts. She stressed that the money is going to be a massive help. Her concerns are that the girls in the lodge currently only get one meal a day. But with the money, this situation can now be rectified.

She also explained that the YASA Queens Academy played in the women’s national league. The Academy came in sixth, but Mtonga has high hopes for the new season. Though she also pointed out that in order to play, funds are required.

Hopefully, BOLABET Zambia will be able to get YASA Queens Academy to the new season.

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