The managing director of BetKing Nigeria, Gossy Ukanwoke, recently, spoke candidly in an interview about the company and its future. He also spoke about the various social responsibility initiatives that the organization launched.

BetKing is one of Nigeria’s top sportsbooks owned by KingMakers. It has been in business since 2018, though has seen massive growth in a few years. The company is focused on digital sportsbook solutions for Africa. As it stands, services are offered in Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Nigeria. A four-year anniversary celebration was recently thrown.

Changing the Face of Gambling

In his interview, Ukanwoke explained that BetKing wants to be more than the leading African sportsbook. He elaborated that the company aims to change the face of gambling in Africa. He pointed out that wherever the organization establishes itself the primary goal is to improve conditions. He continued that a number of BetKing-run social initiatives are bringing African betting in-line with the rest of the world. Ukanwoke added that BetKing wants to earn the trust of local gamblers, and in doing so effectively build a trustworthy platform.

It is true that the sportsbook has always pushed the empowerment of local communities. Reports say that where the organization has been established nearby shops receive the business they require. On this topic, Ukanwoke said that growing African communities isn’t easy but is worth the effort.

An Advantage Over Others

As far as Nigeria is concerned, the country has an advantage. The region is amongst the biggest and most populated on the continent. This means that massive purchasing power exists. The sportsbook previously said that Nigeria is the perfect Homebase for a blossoming corporation.

On the topic, the directing manager explained that being active in Nigeria has been a blessing. He pointed out that revenue earned in the area has allowed for expansion into 3 other countries. He added that BetKing is now more widely recognized and trusted than ever. Though he was quick to assure us that there are still plans for further expansion.

Technological Challenges

The sportsbook is based online which has resulted in challenges. Since it is impossible to use digital betting services without the internet, technology plays a crucial role. Ukanwoke addressed this situation with confidence. He said that internet penetration in Africa is improving due to mobile phones. He pointed to a statistic that revealed mobile phone usage in Nigeria.

The data reveals that 48% of Nigerians are accessing internet services through their phones. This number is expected to climb to 65% by 2026. It is a promising statistic and a clear indicator of where the future of local technology lies.

The managing director said that another technological innovation has also served to push the company forward.

We Love Giving

BetKing has a reputation for being generous. During the corporation’s AFKON campaign new cars were given to locals. This generosity is one of the reasons that the brand has become so recognizable. The managing director said that it is all part of a strategy.

He explained that everyone loves winning and that his company loves giving. He elaborated that his marketing strategies will always involve giving away freebies. Though he added that giving isn’t always about luxury items. BetKing has given 50,000 jobs to Africa, he pointed out, which is the best gift to give to a community. He continued that much has also been given by way of supporting initiatives.

As it stands the corporation supports a number of local projects. Among them is the KidsPort football program aimed at supporting sports playing orphans. Another is the push to help merchants rebuild their shops. The project is being tackled in collaboration with the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF.)

Building for the Future

BetKing is already a big name but is always looking to expand. The directing manager explained that growth is important but must be tackled correctly. He stressed that when expanding his corporation he first looks to engage with community leaders. He stressed that each community has its own nuances and that understanding this is key to growth.

Ukanwoke added that although his corporation would like to be everywhere it is just not possible. He emphasized that profitability must also be considered.

Looking Forward

The last matter the managing director addressed is the future. He stated that in a decade he wants BetKing to be the leader in digital sports entertainment. Though added that he also wants the company to be a public figure that Africans trust.

It looks like big things are coming for the sportsbook that aims to change the face of gambling for Africans.

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