Striking it lucky with sports betting isn’t something that generally results in a riot, but it did in this case since 1xBet allegedly refused to pay out the money. The lucky winner has remained unnamed, but rumours suggest that he put down a put of $350 (200,000 CFA Francs). What he placed the bet on is also unknown, but he apparently managed to win pretty big. The amount owed to him was somewhere around $22 million (13 billion CFA Francs.)

Following 1xBet allegedly panicked at having to pay out such an absurd amount, the company responded by simply deleting the bettor’s online account. Outraged, he headed to the 1xBet offices to resolve the matter. He didn’t get the welcoming reception he was hoping for. He claims that 1xBet offered him a smaller payout instead, $687,000 (400 million CFA Francs,) but he refused it. It was at this point he headed home to vent his frustrations.

Things Turn Violent

Upon arriving home, the man explained to friends and neighbours what had happened. It isn’t clear if he actively asked them to take up arms, but that’s exactly what they did. A mob headed over to the sports betting offices and forced their way inside. At some point the crowd got angry and the situation turned violent.

When matters turn violent it’s always an unfortunate series of events. It hasn’t yet even been confirmed if the bet was real and that 1xBet did owe him the amount as many say that a $350 sports bet resulting in a $22 million payout certainly seems incredibly farfetched. Either way, sources told African Betting Guide that the massive amount hasn’t been paid regardless of the angry mob making demands.

Lost Bet Results in Suicide

Gambling can result in tragedy if bettors don’t control their spending habits. Another example is a man in Nigeria known as Adegbite, who reportedly took his own life after losing big. Word is that he was given N150,000 to pay work colleagues. Instead of paying them, he took the cash to a sportsbook. His intention seems to have been to make the payments after winning. Only he didn’t win.

A work colleague of Adegbite explained that the tragedy has left him heartbroken. He revealed that neighbours had noticed Adegbite was not present, and upon checking his apartment, found him deceased.  

The Federal Capital Territory Police Command said that they are looking into the matter.

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