Betting company MozzartBet has made another appearance in court to continue its defense against a $2.6 million seizure by the Kenyan State. It’s alleged that MozzartBet came into the possession of this money via fraudulent means.

MozzarBet’s defense is that this money is intended for the purchase of improved betting software. According to MozzartBet, $2.2 million has already been paid to the State, an amount the company believes should be factored in as payment toward the $2.6 million seizure.

Tax Evasion an Issue

In April 2021, Justice Esther Maina made a ruling that clarified that MozzartBet’s finances were being stored across three separate bank accounts. The purpose of which was to dodge the taxman. It is alleged that the top Kenyan betting operator exploited M-Pesa payment systems to launder its money. Given all the evidence to support the allegations, Justice Maina ruled that the money should be relinquished to the Kenyan government.

 In its petition against MozzartBet, the Asset Recovery Agency (ARA) is making the claim that the cash in question was not accumulated through gambling under the company’s name.

The ARA is arguing that the murkiness of the transaction logs and the money’s point of origin are clear indicators of a money-laundering scheme.

Counter Claims Over Payments

MozzartBet is hoping to make a court appeal to ebb the momentum of this petition.

MozzartBet has given a statement that claims that the money was meant for a software purchase from Kimaco Connections. A claim that the ARA wholeheartedly rejects.

According to the allegations, Peter Kiliu (CEO of Kimaco Connections) apparently transferred a sum of $2.1 million into the bank account of Open Skies Management Services. However, this company is owned by Emmanuel Charumbira – a key shareholder of MozzartBet.

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