Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) and Betway have officially extended their partnership. Under the new terms, the acclaimed online gambling company is now allowed to use the GiG Comply software toolset. More specifically, the company will use the toolset in the African market.

GiG Comply is a powerful piece of software. It can be customized to follow local rules and regulations, including in relation to advertising standards hence Betway will be automatically kept in line as far as its marketing campaigns are concerned. At the same time, the company will be granted considerable time-saving benefits.

GiG Comply is most useful when it comes to advertising affiliates. Some of which have a reputation for toeing the compliance line.

How GiG Works

Once Betway begins marketing in Africa, the toolset will be put into action. Before it can operate effectively it will first have to be calibrated. Parameters will be fed into the software, allowing it to recognize code-red keywords and inappropriate links. Other customization will also be included, such as specific African gaming market requirements.

In this fashion, the software serves a multi-tiered purpose. It first forces the company to stay proactive with its local marketing efforts. It also ensures that the organization and all its affiliates remain within the confines of the law. Additionally, the software will help Betway make adjustments to all of its pages. Special attention will be paid to factors such as terms and conditions and essential security policies.

Head of marketing in Africa Chad Bates shared some thoughts. He said that the new partnership with GiG is an exciting opportunity. He added that the software will help his organization deliver safe and fair software to African gamblers.

Taking the New Market by Storm

The partnership isn’t the first time that Betway has been proactive in its approach. The organization has used GiG Comply in other markets. The company also recently joined the Sports Writers Association Of Ghana (SWAG.) A spokesperson explain that joining the Association allowed for educational opportunities. With SWAG programs can be offered to local interested communities. The spokesperson concluded that education will help locals accept gambling in a responsible manner. Interestingly this isn’t the only situation in which the toolset is being utilized. Matching Vision and Avento Group have also signed up to make use of it. It seems that this is the exact right solution for a challenge that the industry has been wrestling with. Offering online gambling in Africa within regulations is now easier than it has ever been.

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