Betting in Arabic Speaking Countries

Online betting in the Arabic speaking countries has seen a huge increase during the last years and sites such as William Hill, 1XBET, 22BET and 10Bet have gained a lot of popularity in countries such as Oman, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Qatar – so make sure to find the best Arab casinos with roulette and betting sites by reading reviews.

Players can enjoy the comfort of gambling and betting online from any Arabic speaking country as long as there is proper internet connection – and you have access to either a smartphone or a computer. This is the upside with betting online, there are no borders and you can bet from wherever you are.

The only thing you have to make sure is that betting is legal in the country you live in and that they offer a fully optimized and regulated online betting site.

Important note: Always try to use VPN when betting from Arabic speaking countries, to make sure you have full access to all sites.


Even though it’s technically illegal to gamble in the UAE, sports betting is still available for Emiratis and foreigners within the UAE who want to bet online. As long as the specific betting site accept customers from United Arab Emirates anyone within the country can access and bet freely – as long as, or until, the site might be blocked by the government.

So make sure to always be on top of this, but luckily sites such as William Hill UAE, 22BET UAE, and 1xBET UAE offers great and reliable betting sites and no matter if you reside in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah or even Umm al-Quwain – one of the sites below will offer great opportunities for online betting and arab casino.

Arabic Betting

The betting sites listed in our table in the top are internationally known and offer people in the UAE the opportunity to bet online, as long as they can access the sites. Any one in the Emirates can then bet on major sports around the world such as Premier League, Series A, NFL, NBA and many more. Anyone in United Arab Emirates can enjoy all the various betting markets offered by the betting sites.


As many other Arabic speaking countries gambling and sports betting is not legal and many of the betting sites are blocked by the government in Qatar.

However, people in Qatar can still enjoy online betting on several sites that are blocked, such as William Hill, 22BET and 1XBET – and in the case of the sites being blocked, people can still use various VPN services to enjoy online betting at these internationally known betting sites. However, these sites are accessed by you at your own risk 

People in Qatar have a huge passion for football and the most popular leagues are Premier League and La Liga. Also local sports such as camel racing are very popular and even though people cant bet on it, they still follow it with a lot of passion.

Arabic Betting


Betting on sports is unfortuently illegal in Oman and the country doesnt offer any legal online betting sites, betting shops nor bookies. The main reason for this is that Oman is an Islamic nation and according to Islamic law gambling of any sort is strictly forbidden. However, sports in general are very popylar in Oman and the people of Oman normally enjoy watching football and basketball, even though they are not allowed to bet on it.

Besides internationally knows sports the people of Oman enjoy watching camel racing, which has a huge following around the Arabic peninsula. Even though sports betting in Oman is illegal some betting due take place among friends, as well as illegal bookies who operate under the radar – but its highly forbidden and nor recommended to make bets with these organisations.

Due to the difficulty of betting in Oman there are however ways of making bets – especially online. You might ask yourself how this is possible, and the simple question is that people in Oman bet online on sports betting sites that are based abroad. These sites doesn’t fall under the same law as a betting site within Oman’s borders would, which means that these gambling laws doesn’t apply.

So luckily, for the dedicated bettor in Oman, they can choose between several international betting sites on the internet and most of them do accept customers from Oman who would like to register an account, login and start betting. Most sites offer a great variety of betting types and cover most of the major leagues that would be of interest. Not many sites offer in-language, such as Arabic,but all of the major sites offer English for anyone who can handle the language.

African Betting Guides recommends William Hill and 1XBET for the people in Oman who wish to wager online, since they have a great variety of online betting alternatives.

Oman Betting

Note. All the details provided is only for informational purpose only and we highly recommend you to follow the regulations set by your specific country.

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