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We take a closer look at the best African players in the 2018 FIFA World Cup

Five member teams of the Confederation of African Football qualified for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. In the end, none made it past the final Group Stages, but there were quite a few players whose performances were excellent. African Betting Guide has taken a look at the stars of each participating African country because knowing more about who is playing, their stats, and their strengths and weaknesses helps you with bet predictions that could lead to a win. In sports betting, knowledge is power, and we’re here to help you learn more.

Wahbi Khazri (Tunisia)

wahbi khazri africa
Current Team: St Etienne
World Cup 2018 Games: 3
World Cup 2018 Goals: 2
World Cup 2018 Assists: 2
Total Season Goals: 12
Total Season Assists: 4

The 27-year-old Tunisian’s goals in the qualifying matches played a crucial role in getting the North African country to the 2018 stages, so there were plenty of bet predictions that he would be a star in the Cup.

When Khazri scored the first World Championship goal for his country in 40 years it was clear he was the star player everyone expected, and he was also named the man of the match. The team crashed out after playing 3 Group G matches, however, Khazri was one of the major reasons they had made it so far.

Mohamed Salah (Egypt)

Mohamed Salah africa
Current Team: Liverpool
World Cup 2018 Games: 2
World Cup 2018 Goals: 2
World Cup 2018 Assists: 0
Total Season Goals: 48
Total Season Assists: 14

Salah was born in Egypt on 15 June 1992 and played for Cairo side El Mokawloon from 2010 to 2012. Since then, he has played forward for several overseas teams. In the Egypt-Congo qualifier that sealed their entry to FIFA 2018, he scored 2 goals. A shoulder injury prevented him from going against Uruguay, which Egypt lost 1-0. The fact that he scored when he was able to participate in the games against both Saudi Arabia and Russia made it clear just how valuable a player he is, and those looking for bet tips from the experts will keep an eye on him in the future.

Khalid Boutaïb (Morocco)

khalid boutab africa
Current Team: Yeni Malatyspor
World Cup 2018 Games: 2
World Cup 2018 Goals: 1
World Cup 2018 Assists: 0
Total Season Goals: 14
Total Season Assists: 3

By scoring the first goal for Morocco in the finals since 1998, Boutaïb quickly proved he was at the top of his game. His senior career has been going strong since 2006, and it seems that he is not only athletic but incredibly smart too. He achieved the highest possible score in mathematics in his French high school exam but chose to devote himself to Football instead.

Ahmed Musa (Nigeria)

ahmed musa africa
Current Team: Leicester City
World Cup 2018 Games: 3
World Cup 2018 Goals: 2
World Cup 2018 Assists: 0
Total Season Goals: 5
Total Season Assists: 0

Musa has excelled as a forward and left wing. He was the first Nigerian to score more than once in a World Cup game against Argentina in 2014. When he repeated the double-goal in 2018 against Iceland, he became the first of his countrymen to get points in 2 FIFA World Championships and proved that the fans who made bet predictions in his favor were right in backing him and his team.

Kalidou Koulibaly (Senegal)

kalidou koulibaly africa
Current Team: Napoli
World Cup 2018 Games: 3
World Cup 2018 Goals: 0
World Cup 2018 Assists: 0
Total Season Goals: 5
Total Season Assists: 1

Koulibaly has a reputation for being an elegant player even though he is incredibly tall and well built. His team was the last hope for Africa, coming after all the others had been eliminated in the Group Stages. Although he seemed confident there was immense pressure to perform, and ultimately he and his team failed to score at all. Those looking to make bet predictions should keep an eye on him now, as Africa Betting Guide has heard there is a rumor he recently turned down a bid worth £89m from a mystery UK club and is in high demand to play.

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