Tenlot Buys Kenya Charity Sweepstake

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Tenlot Acquires Control of Kenya Charity Sweepstake

Kenya’s gambling sector continues to make headlines, this time with the news that a United Kingdom-based operator has acquired a controlling share in the African country’s oldest public lottery. Tenlot Group Ltd., a licensed lottery and gaming provider, is reportedly looking to expand its markets. As the gambling landscape in Kenya is changing and developing and more and more people use Betin to access gambling activities, it seems the British company decided it was a good place to broaden its horizons.

Tenlot’s Resources and Ambitions

As a provider of turnkey solutions, based on experience, advanced systems, effective project implementation and extensive operational services, Tenlot is well-positioned to take Kenya Charity Sweepstake to higher levels of fundraising and ticket distribution. The company, which is part of the diverse global Elenilto Group Ltd., now controls 85% of the Nairobi-based lottery operation.

Tenlot Group Ltd. plans to leverage the burgeoning gambling Market, first in Kenya and then further afield on the African continent, to triple its annual sales over the next two years. Preparations for expansions into Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda are also being made.

Along with these African countries, Tenlot intends to break into the potentially lucrative Mexican market. There are also reports that the Group is considering adding Scratchcards, sports betting and casino games to its list of services.

KCS is Well-Established

Kenya Charity Sweepstake is not a national lottery – the first such nationwide operation is proposed in the Gaming Bill 2019 that is currently under consideration in the Kenyan National Assembly. However, it has proven very popular and successful since being established in 1965 and has given money to over 4,600 projects thanks to the US$7 million it has raised with sales of its US$25,000 jackpot.

The Betting Control and Licensing Board, Kenya’s current regulatory authority, requires all operators applying for betting licence to support at least one charitable cause – hence the Sweepstake funding efforts with dispensaries, schools, street child rehabilitation, the Beyond Zero campaign and other worthy causes.

The Gaming Bill 2019 proposes that the Board be replaced with a National Gaming Authority, which is also likely to focus on protecting players and improving the lives of all citizens. Kenya Charity Sweepstake’s long history and good reputation would no doubt stand them in good stead with this new regulatory body, so they could keep operating successfully.

An Emphasis on Mobile Money

Tenlot believed that a trusted operator and Kenya’s growing use of mobile money is the perfect combination to help them expand, as Chief Executive Officer Yossi Abadi explained. Internet use on mobile phones has surpassed desktop and tablet use in many African countries, and mobile money transfers are especially big business in Kenya. Along with growth in other industries, this has seen a jump in gambling.

Land-based casinos have been accessible for decades, but betting has never been more popular than it is today. The concern now, insiders say, is how to manage this lucrative market – and it extends far beyond Tenlot or any single operator. Profits from taxation need to benefit the country, regulations must protect players, underage gaming must be prevented, and responsible gambling must be actively supported.

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