How to Make Extra Money – Fast and Easy

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Freelancing in Africa

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner in this field, as long as you decide on a service that you want to offer. The market for freelancers is huge and demand has never been higher, it’s literally waiting for you to join in. 


First, you have to break down your skills and determine what you’re good at and why people should pay specifically you. You can’t imagine what kind of freelance jobs there are out there but some of the most common ones are; translation, copywriter, photoshop, video editing, beat making, virtual assistant, interpreter and many more. The first step to take is to market yourself and your skills online. A good option is to sign up on websites like Upwork and eLance, you will have to create a professional profile for yourself where you introduce yourself and highlight your skills for any potential clients. 

Now each of the before mentioned freelancing types is very broad, the virtual assistant for example. You could be a virtual assistant for basically anything, helping clients with school work, PC skills, trading, and even sports betting. Sports betting assistant is something that there’s a huge demand for, because it is quite a fresh market, especially in the African regions, which we will go deeper in to on the next point.

Sports Betting

Now sports betting is very common in a lot of African countries, but with new technology and better legislation, a lot of sports betting sites offer their product in different African countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, and Ghana. You don’t have to know much about sports to make good money on sports betting nowadays as there are many guides and bet logs to help you. You can even discuss bets and good odds with likeminded people online at sites like African Betting Forum.

Joseph Onywera Agumba, a 65-year-old Kenyan farmer won a whopping jackpot of 20 000 000 Ksh, and he had only been playing for a few years on Betway Kenya. Now what makes things even better is that international and awarded betting sites are now offering their services in Africa, for example, Betway, b-bets, 1Xbet and Betsson. All of these are even offering new customers free money when they register and sign up, up to 125% on your first deposit! You can choose and claim any bonus you want here. They have more than just free money in common, they also offer mobile and android casinos, mobile sports betting, safe and secure banking methods using the latest SSL encryptions, superb customer support, loyalty programs, and great special offers.

Register today on any of the above, get free money and start making money.

Make money off your hobby

Africans, generally speaking, is known to be one of the craftiest people in the world. If you’re good at doing something with your hands, why not charge people for it? Sewing, knitting, building, painting, you name it. Create a portfolio of products for yourself, take good photos of the products, create a brand and a name, and start promoting your business and products on second-hand websites, Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platform.

Just make sure that whatever you do you stand out from the crowd and offer something that is special and not too mainstream, the top consumers will love some authenticity and originality.

That is 3 ways that you can make extra money in your spare time, now start crunching and make some extra money for yourself and your family.

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