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Everyday millions of bets are made in Kenya and more and more and more and more people are betting online. With new technology comes new opportunities and Kenya has one of the most advanced technological infrastructure on the continent.

Betting in Kenya has always been very popular and with the advance in new technology betting sites such as Betway, Betin, PremierBet mCHEZA are making sure they are on the front line to be able to offer their customers the best betting experience online

African Betting Guide present the best three betting sites in Kenya for 2019


betin bonus kenya

Betin is without a doubt one of the most popular betting sites in Kenya and their offer a full on betting experience – both on the smartphone and on the computer. Its easy to bet on almost any sport around the globe and Betins customer can be sure to enjoy some of the finest betting on the continent. As long as you are 18+ you can register online and get your Betin login to be able to start betting wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection.


For you who never heard about PremierBet before, dont worry – they are a well established and reliable betting sites in several countries in Africa – and especially in Kenya. They offer a very easy way to register and got several suitable deposit methods at hand for anyone who wanna make deposits and start betting. PremierBet is here to stay, so make sure to register now and enjoy some of the finest betting solution in Kenya.


betway kenya

One of the most famous betting sites in the world, who has a huge presence in Africa and Kenya, is Betway. During the last years Betway can be seen around Kenya on buses and walks – and they offer an amazing betting experience for people who wanna bet online. Its easy to register and get a Betway login. They also offer great local deposit alternatives, such as mobile payments, which makes it easy for people of Kenya to start betting. The Betway mobile version is one of the most advanced on the market, so if you are looking for a complete betting experience – register with Betway Kenya.

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