We will teach you everything about online and mobile lotto in Africa

For most of us, playing the lotto means heading out to our local supermarket or spaza shop and buying a ticket. While this option is readily available across Africa, it is possible to play the lotto online. There are plenty of sites where you can register for an account, transfer funds you’re your account and buy lotto tickets from your desktop computer or mobile phone. This makes the entire process easier to use and to keep track of whether you have won.

Internet-based lotto sites don’t just offer entry to the weekly draws for both local and international lotteries; they also include a whole range of daily draws and instant win games. There are generally Keno, Bingo and Scratch Cards available where you can win instant cash prizes with just a click of the mouse or swipe of the screen.
African Betting Guide will help you find all the best places to play casino games online in Africa, and guide you to lotto sites where you can buy your tickets and have some fun too. A world of winning is waiting for you.