Bet9ja Old Mobile vs New Mobile Design

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If you’re a Bet9ja player that bets on the new current Bet9ja version and layout you’ll be surprised that there are still a lot of players still using the Bet9ja old mobile version. A significant number of the discussions center around the ‘before and after’ era of the different Bet9ja versions. Views get exceptionally polar, rapidly. Here and there the social media platforms explode with different arguments and discussions about which version is the better one. The African Betting Guide experts have gone through divided opinions and asked themselves what the reason for change really is.

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The main reason for the Bet9ja old mobile revamp is to keep up with fast-changing design requirements and visual attributes. It’s 2018 and you don’t want to be left behind in 2008, so a new design of the old Bet9ja site was necessary. There are two reasons why the Bet9ja old mobile version is still popular, firstly because it’s a bit faster than the new version if you’re using an older mobile or if you have a slower internet connection. This is quite common in a lot of the states in Nigeria. The second reason is that some players are still used to the old-fashioned way and prefer the Bet9ja old mobile app rather than the new version of it.


Once entered into the Nigerian Bet9ja old mobile site you are presented with the event categories and markets like a menu. On the new version you will have a quick overview of popular events on for example soccer and basketball as well as the odds for the most common market; win/draw/win. You can even make your selections straight on the front page and it will be added to your bet slip in the bottom middle of your screen. There is quite some room for improvements on the new version but it will need the feedback from its frequent users in order to improve their product.


When we remember the days with the old Bet9ja mobile site and old Bet9ja computer version it was a simple as can be. A lot of users grew a custom to the design and feel which is one of the reasons why so many still use the old Bet9ja mobile and old Bet9ja computer version. The new Bet9ja version is simply an updated version of the old one with a more modern look and feels with some added features that add some value to your betting experience. For this reason, we would recommend that you slowly make the change from the old Bet9ja mobile site to the new Bet9ja app.


The Bet9ja computer version is very user-friendly and simple to use. It’s worth noting that the majority of users accessing the Bet9ja site do so by using either the Bet9ja old mobile version or the newer Bet9ja mobile version. This is mainly because smartphones are more readily available than personal computers, also Bet9ja offers features such as live betting so a lot of the customers bet when away from home. The Bet9ja computer version doesn’t differ much from the Bet9ja old mobile version or the newer one, the layout is very straightforward and the few colors used on the website makes it a pleasant and streamlined product that’s easy on the eyes. To put it simply it doesn’t really matter whether you use Bet9ja mobile or computer version, all features and functions are readily available on all platforms.

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Believe it or not, we too are divided in opinions. While we think we as consumers always should use the new versions of products (in with the new – out with the old), it is still important that it is convenient and easy to use. But given the number of users that are divided between the Nigerian Bet9ja old mobile version and the new version, we think that as long as you have a stable internet connection and a decent mobile – you should use the new version. Mainly because the more users that use it the more resources they will put in it. Share your opinion with us on what you think about the Bet9ja old mobile version and the Bet9ja new version.